All color treatments use the exclusive Aveda Full Spectrum formulas which are 97% naturally derived  plants and non-petroleum based minerals that deliver rich long lasting color. Treatment formula actually improves the condition of damaged hair.

Full Spectrum Permanent Color uses sunflower, castor and jojoba oils that help protect the hair during processing and deliver permanent hair color that is shiny and essentially damage-free.

The rosy, lavender aroma elevates the color service to a soothing, sensory experience.

Protective plant oils add incredible shine. Contains a natural anti-oxidant to protect hair against UV aggression Color gradually fades on tone.

Hair Color All Over
Hair Color Touch-up
Accent Highlights
Partial Highlight
Bayalage / Ombre
Full Highlight
Gloss Add-on
Extra Product Charge / Long hair
Bleach Touch Up and Tone
Touch up & woman’s haircut
All over hair color & haircut
Full highlights & haircut
Partial highlights & haircut


+Price based on hair type 

$  70+
$  60+
$  65+
$  40+
$  20+